The University Department of Public Safety values service with P.R.I.D.E.:


Professionalism - We commit to be professional in all facets of our job and in every interaction with our community.  We adhere to long-recognized law enforcement standards, while utilizing contemporary methods.  We value the importance of staying connected to, and working closely with, the community we serve.


Respect - We seek mutual understanding and respect with everyone we serve, and believe that it is essential to show respect for one another at all times.  We value and promote respect for individual rights and dignity.  We seek to foster and preserve mutual trust and respect within the University community to allow us greater access to information that will lead to the prevention of criminal activity and other quality of life issues.


Integrity - We appreciate the trust and confidence placed in us by the community we serve, and will not compromise ourselves or allow personal benefit to influence our decisions in performing our duties.  We place high value on fairness and honesty, and adhere to the standards embodied by the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.


Diversity - We shall make every effort to anticipate, plan for, and respond to the needs of a diverse and changing community.  We recognize that different viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds are central to our understanding and meeting the unique needs of the diverse community that we serve.  We seek the input and talents of all members of the University in our efforts to safeguard the campus, while simultaneously reducing crime and the fear of crime.


Excellence - We strive to achieve excellence in every service that we provide to achieve our goal of being a premiere law enforcement agency.  We do this through our commitment to collaboration, communication, education, mentoring, outreach and teamwork.  We advocate and value the implementation of creative strategies to address contemporary community issues.