Campus Public Safety officers are committed to a philosophy of community service.  Recognizing that the Department’s mission is best attained through community involvement. Officers are collectively committed to nurturing collaborative partnerships with individuals, groups and departments and their responsibilities include:

  • Identification and resolution of safety and security concerns.
  • Development of safety and security resources, and service initiatives.
  • Delivery of efficient, effective and relevant public safety and security services and training.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Campus Public Safety Department is to provide the University community with a safe, secure environment in which to learn, live, work and grow.  We will accomplish our mission by collaborating with the community, by providing service in a professional, courteous manner, and by affording dignity and respect to all individuals.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to enhance and preserve the quality of the learning opportunities and life experiences of each member of our community by actively working in collaboration with all facets of the community to provide a safe and secure campus environment.  We recognize that effective public safety and the prevention of crime are best achieved by establishing a professional and trusting relationship with our stakeholders.