Last year, we created the “I Am Bay Path” campaign to celebrate the fantastic people and stories behind the vibrancy, diversity and individuality at Bay Path. In developing “I Am Bay Path,” we quickly realized that there are many stories and perspectives that make Bay Path such a unique, inspiring place. So now, we’re using the epic power of social media to tell and share them.

So, what’s your story? What makes you so very you? The town you come from, your volunteer work, your awesome grandma, a hidden talent, a passionate cause, a truth you’ve discovered, a piece of great advice, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a quirky habit…

We’re looking for fun, funny and relatable, but also thoughtful, reflective and moving, basically anything you feel captures where you’re at and makes you go “Yay, Me.”

Own it. Snap it. Share it.

I’m a Slytherin and #IAmBayPath

My mother told me “The most valuable thing is your independence” and #IAmBayPath

I believe black lives matter and #IAmBayPath

I’m an animal loving, tree hugging vegan and #IAmBayPath

I binge watch Friends and #IAmBayPath

I think------ and #IAmBayPath
I love-----and #IAmBayPath
I once------and #IAmBayPath

Who knows?