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  • Results will be returned that contain all of the terms entered. For example searching for bus schedule would return anything that contains both bus and schedule in any order but not only bus or schedule by themselves.
  • Searching while you are within a course or group will return results found within that course or group. If there are no results within the course or group you will be shown results for your term from everywhere.
  • You can use + or - to include or exclude search results. For example, the search +schedule -bus will return results that contain the word schedule but not the word bus.
  • Put a word or phrase in quotes to find exact matches. Searching for "bus schedule" will search for the exact phrase bus schedule with no other words between those two.
  • You can add * at the end of a term to find results that start with that term. Searching for book* will return results for book, books, bookmark, and bookmarks. (You can also add * in the middle of a term)
  • Common words such as and, the and of are excluded from the search. To force them to be included, put a + in front of them.
  • The characters && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ ~ * ? : \ have special functions and aren’t searched for. If you need to find results that include one of those, you can put a \ in front of it and it will be searched for like a regular character. For example Abbott \& Costello or Who’s on first\?
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